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Blackvue DR900X vs Blackvue DR750X

For those that wish to be able to monitor their vehicle remotely using a cloud dashcam, this has now become much more simpler with the new Blackvue DR900x and 750x.

These two dashcams have the option to plug in a "data sim" module ( CM100LTE ) as oppose to having to purchase and configure a separate third party MIFI unit.

The live view module comes with its own great value data sim from Vodafone.

The benefits of this module are that you can now have full control over your data connection within the Blackvue app and more importantly, you don't have to worry about powering your external MIFI unit anymore.

You can view your car surroundings remotely and get notified of any impacts or alerts instantly.

But when it comes to choosing which camera to go for, do you pay more for the 4k 900x or does the 750x fullHD suit your requirements?

This video might help your choice, you can see a comparison of day and night footage. The footage on top is from the DR900X series dashcam, and the footage on the bottom is from the DR750X series dashcam. The video was upscaled to 4K (2160p) to showcase the DR900X-2CH 4K UHD capabilities. It’s worth noting that the video quality from the DR750X is in full HD (1080p):

Not only are these two dashcam models lower priced than their predecessors, you also dont need to purchase a seperate powermagic hardwire kit anymore, saving you a further £30 on install.


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