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Kia Soul Dashcam front and rear

With EV's (Electric Vehicles) being more and more popular it is important to ensure that the correct Dashcam is being selected and installed.

We specialise in installing the lowest power consuming Dashcam on the market that not only produces great video footage due to a combination of the camera lens, image processor and high 12mbps recording bitrate but also has impeccable support from Goluk.

Shield-IT in collaboration with Goluk UK are able to supply and install these next generation dash camera's into vehicles and create specific looms and mounts that ensure the camera's are as discrete as possible and hidden from the drivers view.

Goluk T series cameras was installed to this Kia Soul in North London along with a TornadoEV battery monitor to allow for parking motion mode recording.

Goluk have managed to have the best image quality recording in a small discrete unit that is nearly twice as small as the Blackvue 750s and Thinkware F800 pro. These cameras record at 9 and 9.5mbps whereas the Goluk T series record at 12mbps and also have a wider Field Of View at 152 degrees for both the front and rear cameras in comparison to 140 degrees for the Blackvue and Thinkware.

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