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Digital Witness , Videography and Photography

The advances in photography and videography effects that small camera's are able to apply and process ON the camera unit itself can be very impressive. This is from a Goluk Dashcam.

The Goluk T-Series Dashcam have great accessories available to them and they are an extremely versatile 'Dashcam' Digital Witness.

Goluk Dashcam Suction Mount

With the T series suction mount you are able to remove your existing camera from your vehicle and use it as a Dashcam in a hire vehicle by using a usb cable for power. You can even use the camera around the home or office.

The camera can function as an excellent CCTV unit and by using high capacity micro SD memory cards you will capture days and weeks of security footage (depending on camera settings).

The timelapse setting on the T1 and T3 camera's capture amazing detail and each camera can capture 2 to 3 separate video streams at the same time depending on parking/driving.

The various modes are described below:

  1. The standard LOOP mode, whilst driving the camera is always recording a 3 minute driving loop and with 32gb you will capture around 6 hours worth of LOOP video.

  2. The TIME-LAPSE mode captures a constant timelapse video whilst parked up (T1/T2 cameras)

  3. The MOTION and IMPACT DETECTION mode captures movement and any impact to your vehicle whilst parked and also any sudden impacts whilst driving.

  4. WDF button (action button), this is a wireless remote button that can be mounted anywhere. Once pressed the camera will record a 12 second clip which consists of 6 seconds BEFORE hitting the button and 6 seconds after hitting the button. A great function that stores a separate clip for instant access once you are able to connect to the camera to retrieve as oppose to searching through the 3 minute LOOP video.

Another accessory is the standalone Goluk Powerbank Smart Dock.

This allows you to simply slide any T-Series Goluk camera into the unit for ultimate portability. The power bank dock has a rechargeable lithium battery that can power the camera in any location for around 2 hours (depending on mode configuration). The battery is removable and can also be recharged in situ by using a standard mini USB cable. The Dock has a GoPro style screw socket to allow you to use a multitude of mounts to attach to a Motorbike, Bicycle, Car, Boat, Body Harness etc!

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